This page is a little of this and a little of that... Just for fun!
Cuckoo Frizzle Cockerel
Black Pullet
Our Splash Roo Motley
My son at a show with one of his buffs (he's the one giving
her rabbit ears).  I guess they don't take points off during
showmanship for ears since he went on to win!
Our Blue Boy Sam
Our Partridge Roo Fluffy Jr.
Mad Mother Goose chasing my son!
Blue/Splash Cockerel                          Partridge Pullets
Some of our outside coops. They just love when the grapes come
in.  It's fun to watch who can jump the highest to get one.
Buff Pullet                           Blue, Buff, Black Pullets
White Pullets                              White and Buff Pullets
Blue Cockerel & Pullet                        Cuckoo Pullet
Some new splash chicks - so cute!
Never ending winter of 2008/09

Wow, how do we get back to the barn
without stepping in that white stuff?
Our newest member of the team.
He knows where to lay when it's COLD!
Check out my new move I learned at
Kung Fu class -  EEYAAA!
My son's 4H woodworking project-
a cupola for my weathervane.  
Here is our feed grinding room.  We grind all of our own feed
which allows us to mix the appropriate feed for all of our
different types of animals!
Seriously Silkie
Seriously Silkie
Seriously Silkie
Seriously Silkie
Seriously Silkie     
Seriously Silkie                               Seriously Silkie  
Seriously Silkie                           Seriously Silkie   
Seriously Silkie                                  Seriously Sillkie
Seriously Silkie                                Seriously Silkie
Seriously Silkie
This is our "CHUCK" yard (chicken and duck).  When my
husband sold most of our cattle and told my son he no longer
needed this feed lot for cows, it didn't take long for him to
take it over with his birds!  This is where he keeps his
layers, some cayugas and runners with a few of the pet birds
we just can't seem to part with!  He has a few chicken pens
for youngsters and built a shelter using an old round bale
feeder putting 1/2 of one over the top then attaching a tarp.  
This works great for shade and keeping feed and animals dry.  
They also have access to an inside area in the barn which is
where they all must be in this 102 degree heat since the fans
are running in there!  
Two proud moms!  Ozzy and Sage with
their first egg (Ozzy is the chicken!)
Thanks for the pic guys.
Mike and Cody at the OH Nationals 2013.  Mike is with his white
silkie hen who went BB and Champ Featherleg.  Cody is with his
black silkie pullet who went RB.   We had a fun weekend.
Gray Pullets
Seriously Silkie              Seriously Silkie
Seriously Silkie
Just for fun